Our Vision

A city wide effort to lead people to a new and deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

6 Won’t you revive us again,  so your people can rejoice in you? 7 Show us your unfailing love, O Lord, and grant us your salvation. Psalms 85: 6-7


About two years ago, I had a gentleman by the name of Luis approach me at the church saying that he was sent on a mission from God. His mission was to deliver some keys to a P astor and that G od would show him who. After several Pastors said no and that it was not them he approached me. I don ’ t receive words lightly, especially when they say it ’ s from the Lord. I went into deep prayer and a year later I called Luis and told him I ’ m ready and I will carry the keys to the city. The task is to present the keys to the Mayor of our city and that he would receive them and lift them up to Heaven and acknowledge that Jesus reigns in our city. I remember the words from Luis, “ This mission will come with a cost ” . It sure did, on September 6, 2016 right after I received the keys I lost my 19 - year old daughter in a tragic car accident. A hard hit, but the keys still in my hand!     

 Our message and goals :

 To mobilize the Christian Community to gather as many people as possible to hear the message that Jesus Christ is “the only way ”

To give people the opportunity to make a personal commitment to Jesus Christ

To have every church come together in unity

To reach out to the lost   


Pastor Jimmy Robles
Lead Pastor, Last Chance Ministries